What to Do When Someone Dings Your Car

Understand the steps to take for door ding repairs & removals in Lubbock, TX

In a store's parking lot, you find that someone who parked beside your car must have opened their car door sharply - there's a small dent in your door. Maybe you see a little bit of paint on the other car, too. What do you do now?

Trust Daniel Dent Company for door ding repair services. But before you call us, you should:

  • Take pictures of your vehicle and the one that likely damaged it
  • Ask the vehicle's driver for their insurance information
  • Ask the store's staff for a surveillance video of the parking lot

Next, we can help you file a claim with your own insurance company or the other vehicle's driver's. The team at Daniel Dent Company will be happy to help you. For insurance assistance and door ding removal services, visit us right away.